Humans tend to make situations more complex than they need to be as the world continues to advance. These situations range from relationships to work to world issues, and while all are important, we seem to find fascination in creating more stress for ourselves.

Due to this, times exist in which we lose hope and feel as though we cannot discover it again. Those around us are affected by how discouraged we are and while it is easy to state that quitting is not an option, acting upon this is more difficult. We struggle to have faith when it seems as though our lives are consumed by fighting, crying, hurting, overworking, and much more.

In times of hardship, stress, and hurt, I urge you to reflect on why you feel negatively. One may discover that this loss of faith has occurred because of precisely the opposite. We feel discouraged because we care and we are passionate about the situations that affect us so greatly. We argue with those we love because we care about them. We say yes to more responsibility in our places of work because we care about what we produce. We vote, debate, protest, and educate because we care about the world in which we live.

Machiavelli states that the best way to prevent threat when leading a republic is to keep the people of the city close to their origins. Remembering why one is engaging in a situation (in Machiavelli’s case, leading and being led for a better and more productive society) is beneficial in having the energy to keep going. Likewise, regardless of context, a loss of faith occurs when we lose sight of the reasons why we began. The best way to tackle an issue is to return to its roots.

You chose your relationship because of the love you have for one another. You spent days studying and making connections because you could picture yourself in that profession. You organize groups and speak on issues because you want to be represented well.

During days in which you can only see pain, remember why you chose to involve yourself originally. Whether this stems from the love you share with someone else, your passion for your profession, or your desire to live in a world removed from hate, this reason alone means so much more than a momentary loss of faith. When you struggle to find hope, keep in mind that those around you are willing to help. We all have experienced tough periods and these may seem never-ending in the moment, but we can move past them. The best part in doing so is not forgetting what matters most.

If you feel lost, turn to whom or what is contributing to this feeling and work toward a better one. If you love her, tell her. If you’re not satisfied with the work being done, say so and fix the process. If you desire to make an impact, build a team to enact change regardless of the pushback you face. You are stronger than you think you are and so are those around you. Instead of letting go of something about which you care so deeply, ground yourself once again and gather hope. Move forward together and with love.


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