you are running along a city street
rushing to your next obligation

millions of people are surrounding you
but you somehow know all of them

yellow taxis are whizzing past you
your hair is blowing in your face
and your phone illuminates with texts and emails

the hands of these people latch onto your heart and pull at its strings
you cannot help but share your soul with every single one of them
you cannot help but make them your best friends and you soon have so many that

you are not sure who cares or who adds or who keeps you warm
because everyone seems to be turning you cold
you have used your vulnerability as a blanket to shelter others

your socializing has left you feeling lonely and numb
and the coffee in your cup meant to energize you while you rush down the street is now on the sidewalk seeping into cracks that seem too familiar

and even though this is all so vivid
you do not feel present
and this moment that captures your isolated body, rushing, within a sea of people who all claim to know you and love you
becomes a movie set to loop

you try to grab at someone
anyone who seems as though they will understand and lie with you in your loneliness until it disappears

the smiles may be welcoming
the secrets may run deeply
the hugs may be frequent
but this is a movie
and you will always struggle to decipher the reality that lies within it

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