in no particular order

Choose people who choose you.

Surround yourself with those who respect and value your time.

Doing a stupid action does not make you a stupid person. You spend so much time giving others the benefit of the doubt. You deserve to give yourself the same.

One should not have to know how you have been treated in the past to treat you well.

You will never be free from judgment, so you might as well do what you enjoy.

Listen to music that feeds your soul. Do not listen to what others expect you to like if you do not actually like it.

Age does not equate to maturity.

Not everyone can be helped in the same way. Do not settle for (and compensate) the wrong therapist, app, class, routine, friends, or environment.

Be intentional in whom and what you follow on social media. You do not owe anyone a follow, like, or retweet.

Do not work for an organization, company, or person who does not share your values.

Privilege exists in being positive.

You are more than capable of not listening to problematic musicians.

Do not put anyone on a pedestal regardless of how personally you know them.

Pushing away those who desire to support you is only doing a disservice to yourself. Take your space, but be cognizant of whether you are hurting your loved ones in the process.

Do good work where you are and people will notice. Your output speaks louder than your talk.

Putting yourself out there is empowering.

Not feeling well? Cannot sleep? Cannot stay awake? Drink water. Water helps everything.

Do not search for your healing within those who broke you.

Not everyone has the best intentions, but do not change your own intentions because of this.

Pay attention to those around you. Who adds to your life? Who takes from it?

Some situations do not have explanations. Some situations just are what they are, and they only look for acceptance.

Your trauma is not any more or any less valid than someone else’s trauma. Your struggles and healing processes can coexist.

Listening to songs that provide you with painful memories will not help.

Take every opportunity to bask in sunlight.

Ignoring how greatly marginalized communities are impacted in your advocacy regarding climate change (or any issue for that matter) is dangerous.

Not everyone, including your closest friends and family members, will be able to share in your excitement or sadness. This does not make your feelings less valid.

People will take credit for your work. This does not mean that the work was not worth it, or that you do not add value to an initiative. Focus on the reasons for why you did the work instead.

You are only as successful as how well you are (physically and mentally).

Weaponizing your identity only highlights your privileges and makes others feel small.

If you need a hug, ask for a hug.

If you are reading this, you probably have the ability to recognize how much space you occupy. Be cognizant of this.

Pay attention to where leaders, celebrities, and organizations that you admire place their dollars.

You are not expected to solve every problem. You are expected to educate yourself, unlearn and learn, and practice your values to the best of your ability.

A difference exists between educating folks on issues that should not be your responsibility to explain and empowering their growth.

Dating someone should not be a project. You should not have to fix or drain yourself for your partner.

If you live in and are governed by a system that was built on oppression, ignoring this point will only harm you and those around you.

How others treat you is a reflection of how they view themselves.

When you are in leadership roles, you and your work might not feel appreciated or be recognized. You have to accomplish your tasks and goals anyway, so do your best to affirm yourself.

Your successes are rooted in your mindset.

Pay attention to how government and news sources communicate happenings. Dig deeper and question what you are told. Ask questions if you do not understand and do not blindly follow.

An upward dog can always provide some relief.

Just because folks can list random facts about past events, laws, court cases or garner tens to thousands of likes on a tweet containing political jargon does not make them any more qualified or capable than you are.

The meaning of life is to discover what life means to you.

You are allowed to feel pain months, years, and decades after something occurs or ends. You probably will.

You will always have your experiences. You will always have your story.

Putting yourself first is not selfish. Liberation arises with loving yourself.

Your life on this earth is so minuscule within the span of time. Ask yourself, often, if you are fulfilled.

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