I have been struggling to find inspiration given that every day seems the same, the state of the world is a whirlwind to process, and interaction with humans outside of my immediate circle does not happen often. I am growing tired of feeling uninspired, so I pushed myself to think about why I am here. Why do I enjoy writing? What do I hope to accomplish with my words? In the past, I have always told friends to hold onto their “whys,” so I figure I should do the same.

I write because doing so heals me. I am able to process my emotions and talk to whomever comes across my words without having to invest energy into explaining myself further. I write because I know that I am a good writer, and I know that I am helping others in addition to helping myself. I write when I feel upset at a person or a situation, and using this platform is a way, admittedly, in which I can passively share my opinions. I write because writing is a beautiful art form, and I have dreams of turning my passion for it into a profession.

As comfortable as I am with conversing face to face, I somehow find more safety in writing. I can take time to form my thoughts instead of being taken by surprise. Anyone in the world could be reading this, and this thought excites me. People choose to click on my links and spend time reading my posts. I am fulfilled by writing for myself, but when I learn that others are moved by my words, I am over the moon.

I feel as though I have so many thoughts running through my mind about everything. Over the past few months, I have found myself speechless more often than not, and considering how talkative I am, this is unsettling. I want to write about it. I want to draw on the points that I think others are missing and I want to write about uncomfortable topics. I want to channel my moments of frustration and joy in the pieces that I publish. My thoughts and feelings are difficult to organize, and I think that I refrain from writing about them because organizing them takes so much energy. I just need to remind myself that if I am going to invest my energy into anything, this should be it. This gives me joy and pushes me.

To those reading this and who follow my blog, you can expect more from me. I do not feel obligated to write; I love writing, and given my goals, I definitely owe these expectations to myself.

One thought on “ Why I Write. ”

  1. I too prefer writing to speaking because of the time it affords me to think out a proper reply. But I also dislike face-to-face stuff so there’s that. Anyway, wishing you the best with your writing journey. Have a good one!


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