your skin glows despite the rain drops
you seem perfectly dry
while I am soaked to the bone

your embrace gives me warmth
but I know that it cannot protect me from every single drop

your shower of love causes the drops to slow
or completely stop
but the moment that I walk away from you
my hair is a soppy mess
my extremities turn a little colder
and I can hear thunder in the distance

your presence has taught me that a world exists beyond these storms
and though I know that you can pull me into this world
your presence has given me the strength to create my own

I saw sunshine before I met you
I see sunshine while I am with you
and I push myself to create my own sunshine during moments that do not have you by my side

I finally realize that someone else’s warmth can add years onto my life
but I have to take it upon myself to create this life in the first place

even so, as I continue molding, I am glad that I am able to see you through these rain drops

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